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63 schools in the Royal Borough provide education for around 19,000 pupils in 4 nursery schools, 45 schools for primary age children, 13 secondary schools (including 4 middle schools) and 1 special school.

13 schools have nursery classes and 6 have resource units for children with special education needs.

Local schools are organised in two different ways. In Windsor there are first, middle and upper schools with transfers between the schools at the ages of 9 and 13 years.  In the rest of the Royal Borough children attend primary or infant and junior schools before transferring to a secondary school at the age of 11.

Education Documents:

A printable list of contact and miscellaneous information for the schools in the Royal Borough

We assume that there will be mixture of nursery, prep school, and public school requirements, but that the nursery and preparatory schools will be the ones about which information may be sought, as opposed to known.

At the top of Avenue Road, on the west side of the Bray Road, is Oldfield School which is an Ofsted rated Excellent primary school run by the local Council

A new preparatory school is currently being developed on the site of the old Winbury prep School,  due to open shortly.

For secondary education, the Fisheries falls in the catchment area of Desborough College, which is a comprehensive school. The nearest Grammar Schools are in Buckinghamshire – William Borlaise at Marlow and Burnham Grammar across the river in Burnham village.