What the FRA Committee do

Estate Roadway Maintenance

The FRA Committee work to maintain all the private roads within the Fisheries estate in a safe state, covering Avenue Road, Church Road, Glebe Road and Fishery Road.  Roadway potholes are filled in annually and major road repairs are carried out bi-annually and most recently were completed in October 2020.  The Fisheries estate map signs, road signage and estate entrance white verge gates are maintained regularly, and clearance of the roadside soakaway drains is undertaken annually. 

The FRA lobby the RBWM council for any issues regarding The Rushes roadway as it is a council-adopted road.

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Parking Controls

The Fisheries currently has a self-administered residents-only parking permit scheme for parking on the private roads throughout the estate Monday to Saturday 7am-7pm. The parking controls are currently operated by RBWM and civil enforcement officers patrol the Fisheries roads on an ad-hoc basis. All FRA Members are allocated a number of “Residents” and “Visitors” parking permits as part of their annual subscription. Further permits can be purchased from the FRA Committee.

Note: RBWM are to finish all self-administered parking schemes – of which we are one – from 31st March 2021. They are introducing a two-choice option, either a) a borough-wide RBWM administered parking scheme or b) revert to unrestricted parking. There is a local lobby group, comprised of about 30 private parking schemes throughout the Borough, looking to apply pressure on RBWM for withdrawing the existing scheme. At the November 2020 AGM, it was vote to revert to a “wait and see” basis and the Committee were given authority to subsequently employ a private parking company, if it becomes necessary.

All existing parking permits will have validity until March 31st 2021.


Every five years, the FRA organises an arboricultural practice to carry out a ground-based survey of roadside trees within The Fisheries estate, to ensure our roadside trees are healthy and not likely to cause damage to property or people.  The cost of the survey is met by the Association, but any recommendations of any works required to the trees and the cost of doing work necessary for the health and safety of the trees, is the responsibility of the verge-owning householder. The next tree survey is scheduled to take place in late Spring 2021.

Note: If a tree has been notified as being unsafe, it is the property owner’s duty to have it treated promptly, otherwise their own insurance cover will be invalidated.

If any FRA resident wishes to schedule additional tree surveys at their own cost on specific trees within their gardens whilst the arboricultural consultant is on site, this can be arranged through the FRA Committee but the additional survey cost will be payable by resident.


The FRA Committee review all estate planning applications and, as necessary, make representations to the Council and to the Environment Agency on planning applications and matters affecting the environment and nature of the Fisheries Estate. The FRA only really comment on planning applications when approached by a number of residents significantly affected by a particular development, and/or when the property is in the conservation area, and of course if any redevelopments have caused issues with any of the estate roads and verges. 

The Committee encouraged more open dialogue when residents are either looking to submit planning applications or are provided with notice of a nearby development.


Over the years the Fisheries Residents Association Committee has coordinated several different forms of social functions, ranging from summer street party BBQs, a quiz night, to carol singing and carol services at St. Michael’s Church, Bray at Christmas. Any new ideas for social activities are welcome, but events are clearly limited by both numbers wishing them to take place, and sufficient volunteers to help organise them. 

All members of the FRA also receive Social Membership of Maidenhead & Bray Cricket Club through their FRA subscription.

** The FRA Committee are arranging a number of social events for 2021. Further details will be published on the Social page in early February.  **

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FRA Careline 07956 51039

The Committee operates FRA Careline, a telephone helpline scheme to provide local information, advice and support for residents of the Fisheries.

If any FRA Residents are self-isolating due to the current Covid-19 pandemic and need assistance with shopping, small errands such as collecting prescriptions, walking dogs etc, or just a chat with a friendly neighbour, please contact the FRA Careline.

Supporting Charity

The FRA will continuing to support local charities by various means, including purchasing charity Christmas cards and running fundraising events through the year.