About the FRA

The Association

Although the Fisheries has been in existence as a residential area since the 1890’s, the  Fisheries Residents Association was only founded in 1961. Prior to that time, the limited number of residents maintained the roadways at their own expense, under covenants drawn up by the original landowners.

Yvonne Parry (and her late husband Arthur of Ardennes in Avenue Road) were among the first recorded members. The rest have all since passed away, or moved on.

By 1964/5, people living on Oldfield Road, as far up as Forlease Road, had joined the expanded FRA.

Chauntry Road residents appeared as members about this time, and when the Rushes development started in ’68, they too became members.

By the 1980’s, the involvement of the upper part of the Bray Road, and Chauntry Road residents appears to have fallen away, and the grouping involved remains constant in the form it is today.