The Fisheries Residents Association

Founded in 1961, the Fisheries Residents Association (FRA) started as an unincorporated residents body to maintain the private roadways of the estate, namely Avenue Road, Church Road, Glebe Road and Fishery Road, which had been damaged by the recent arrival of mains drainage. The concept was for the FRA to take on the maintenance responsibility for every household with a private road frontage, in return for an annual fee. In addition to the road maintenance obligation, the FRA provided third party liability insurance cover to protect residents against accident claims. Prior to that time, the limited number of residents maintained the roadways at their own expense, under covenants drawn up by the original landowners.

By 1964/5, people living on Oldfield Road as far up as Forlease Road, had joined the expanded FRA and Chauntry Road residents also appeared as members about this time. When The Rushes development was started in 1968, they too became members of the FRA. By the 1980’s, the involvement of households on the upper part of the Bray Road and the Chauntry Road residents fell away, and the FRA developed into the form it is today. Membership of the FRA is open to all households in Avenue Road, Church Road, Fishery Road, Glebe Road, The Rushes and the houses along the east side of Bray Road that back onto the Fisheries.

The FRA is now run entirely by a committee of volunteer residents, and besides maintaining the private roads of the Fisheries estate, now strives to maintain the estate’s character in terms of development activities, it’s arboreal splendour and its’ general appearance. Working with residents and alongside Bray Parish Council, the District and the County Council, the FRA Committee work to ensure we keep the Fisheries as nice a place as possible and be a community we all want to be part of and enjoy. The FRA also serves the community interests of the whole estate, providing a focus for community activities, encouraging friendship and neighbourliness. We organise a number of social events throughout the year and from 2021, in addition to this website, a monthly newsletter will keep FRA members informed about Fisheries’ news.

We encourage all Fisheries residents to become members of the FRA, to take an interest in their local community and strengthen the voice of the FRA in the wider area.

The Fisheries Residents’ Association Committee