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Parking & Speeding Controls


In August 2015, a series of actions were taken to protect the roads of the Fisheries against a growing threat of  the estate becoming a parking area for those using the new Crossrail link (2017 start) and parents delivering/collecting children at the new Oldfield School.

At the  November 2014 AGM, the FRA Committee were given total support to produce a comprehensive parking and speed control recommendation. Our follow-up proposals and attendant survey last spring, gave overwhelming agreement to all recommendations – we achieved a 94.5% yes vote. The necessary Transport Regulation Order (TRO) has been recently issued by the Council, and orders placed. The agreed new entrance “gates”, speed recommendations and parking controls are to be installed imminently, so we thought an update of all our activities to date would be interesting and informative.

“White Gates” – are to be installed on both verges at each road entrance around July 13th. These will include the respective road names, “private” and “no access to river” together with a 20mph recommended speed limit sign.

Speed Retarder – around the same time a “speed bump” is to be built in Church Road. The one recommended for Glebe Road is postponed, by request through the survey, until it can be determined as necessary (or not) dependent upon traffic?

Road Surfaces - further work has taken place this year as part of our ongoing programme and we are also enjoying having roads swept two or three times a year and the soak-away drains cleared annually, after leaf fall.                                                                                                                     

Speed Limits – in conjunction with RBWM, from around mid August, 20mph repeater signs will be displayed on all lamp posts throughout The Fisheries.

Resident and Visitor Accessibility – in partnership with RBWM parking restriction times  have been introduced, restricted times are agreed as Monday to Saturday 7am to 7pm. Resident and Visitor parking permits have been distributed to all paid-up FRA members. RBWM’s Civil Enforcement Officers (CEO’s) now make random checks to ensure our access, egress and safety are maintained. Vehicles not displaying the agreed permits are liable to be issued Penalty Charge Notices (PCN’s). Resident permits are roundels to be attached to the vehicle windscreen; those for Visitors are laminated A5 cards to be displayed behind the vehicle windscreen at every visit. 

Each FRA subscription paid household will be given 3 resident and 4 visitor permits, these will remain current until the end of January 2017. New annual ones will be determined with the 2016/17 subscriptions and each year thereafter. Replacements and additions, required within each annual period, will incur a £5 contribution to costs.                                          

For those of us who have chosen not to pay subscriptions, permits can be purchased for £20 each, initially by e-mail to Sue Parker - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.